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Date Completed: September 2016 
Debuted At: Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016 
Photography: Stephanie Monica 
Materials: Fabric, EVA Foam
The Process: Welcome to our Pokémon center! We heal your Pokémon back to perfect health! Shall we heal your Pokémon?

I saved up my allowance for MONTHS to buy a Gameboy Color so I could play Pokémon Blue. So of course I threw together this iconic set of duds! I don't watch a ton of anime, but for AWA I wanted to put together something on theme. You can't go wrong with Pokémon! This costume was thrown together so, so last minute. I literally stayed up all night and finished it with an hour to shower and get dressed for con. Why can't AWA be further away from Dragoncon!!! The dress is a cheap modified pattern, all I had to do was add a collar and a basic petticoat underneath. The apron was easy to figure out, with an oversized bow made from extra fabric. The wig braids are made from extra lengths braided with a piece of wire threaded through for dimension, and sewn into a short haired with. The cap is thin EVA foam with fabric glued on the surface, and pinned to the wig. And that's it!

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