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Date Completed: September 2017 
Debuted At: Anime Weekend Atlanta 2017 
Photography: Donald Huston Photography, The World of Gwendana 
Materials: Pleather, Paper Clay, EVA Foam.
The Process: How badass is Celty? I binged watched this show getting ready for Dragoncon and was instantly in love. I love motorcycles and have way too many bikes myself, so I knew I had to make this costume. I used one of my old helmets, sanded it down and shaped the ears with cheap paper clay. Bondo would probably be a better material, but since this costume was just for one day I wanted to keep it easy. It required several coats and several sheets of sandpaper, but the finish turned out smoother than I expected. I used the bodysuit pattern I made to fit myself after sewing one for my Mass Effect Andromeda armor, and the scythe was just some leftover EVA foam and lightweight PVC. I wish all cosplays were this easy!

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